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 Terrazo Floor Installation Nairobi Kenya

Terrazo Floor Installation Nairobi Kenya

Terrazzo is a material used to decorate floors and walls; it is made with marble, brass or coloured glass elements placed into a liquid pigmented cement base. Upon completion of the hardening stage, polishing will reveal the beauty of the decorative chips. Terrazzo and Granito tiles follow the same manufacturing process, however, Terrazzo tiles display textures with larger chips or pieces while Granito tiles are more uniform, simply reinforced with fine-grain glass or marble aggregates.

We offer natural flooring solutions that are easy to maintain, durable and versatile. Interior designers, Architects and Property Developers nationwide are integrating natural floors into their projects and Terrazzo in particular has seen a huge revival.

The time it takes to lay a floor will vary greatly from project to project, but we know how precious time and schedules are in building projects of any nature and we pride ourselves in being efficient and meeting our pre-agreed deadlines. With full control of the production process we can now provide almost any specification that you require. We always leave your rooms clean and ready to use after any flooring installation. For more information or to arrange a site survey please contact us on +254 702 471 665


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